The Prayer Lines Behind the Bylines
Sample Chapters by Ann Hauprich

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A journalist shares inspiring stories from her spirited journey

Richly illustrated 5.5” x 8.5” book.
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Ann Hauprich - Book Introduction
A journalist shares inspiring stories from her spirited journey

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about how heavenly assignments placed author Ann Hauprich in the paths of powerful souls, kindred spirits and earthly angels -- some of whom were earning their wings the hard way.
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Table of Contents
2017 Book Release

The Prayer Lines Behind the Bylines
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Agnes Pompa
A living angel on earth

I had silently prayed only for the strength to help a cherished child through a dreaded reconstructive surgery at a world-renowned burn center in Boston. What I received instead was nothing short of divine intervention.
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Antonio Bucca
Focus on a bona fide Renaissance Man

Penned in letter-perfect cursive by Antonio Bucca, the passage inside my BSHS Class of 1971 yearbook proclaimed his dream following graduation was to ride the rails of Europe en route to and from his ancestral home in Italy.
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Barbara Garro
The fine art of using one's talents to glorify the Creator

While it’s impossible for a mere mortal to know what will await Barbara Garro when she arrives at The Pearly Gates, one can’t help but hope she’ll be richly rewarded for breathing new life into the meaning of the parables and the New Testament during her earthly sojourn.
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A stitch in time
with Eileen Danison

I am grateful to The Master Weaver for the threads that Eileen and her family have woven into the tapestry of my life.
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George Smith
The value of REAL life insurance

When I agreed to meet with my life insurance agent in a nearby coffee shop to update my policies a few years ago, I never expected to walk away from the experience thanking God for the simple blessings in my life I had previously taken for granted. But that’s precisely what transpired after I spent an hour or so in the company of MetLife Financial Services Representative George W. Smith.
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Good reasons why there's
much ado about Marylou

When I think of Marylou Whitney, I think of a gracious hostess with a million dollar smile whose eyes sparkled as we sipped iced tea during a private interview at her magnificent Cady Hill estate early in the New Millennium.
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Heavenly Havens Gang

To break curfew would surely land Linda in what her family called The Dog House. As I recall, there was a “Family Dog House” plaque on the wall where cartoon-like canine figures bearing the names of my Aunt Irene and Uncle Bob and their children – who would eventually number seven – were posted. A verse printed on the plaque proclaimed: “To get in, try some shenanigans.
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Jody Wheeler
Portrait of an illustrator

Jody Wheeler is a Class Act not only because she has created captivating illustrations for scores of books for young readers across the nation, but also because she is quick to award credit to the Ballston Spa teachers who encouraged her earliest artistic efforts.
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Lois Shapiro-Canter
The Saratoga Foundation
for Women WorldWide

A former senior legislative analyst, assistant district attorney, educator and statewide women’s civil rights leader, Lois also continues to practice law in and around Saratoga County. Lobbying before the NYS State Legislature, forming not for profits and practicing her criminal, family law, personal injury and immigration law specialties.
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Lora Lee & Tom Ecobelli
Waiting for Chickadee to take flight

Then the unexpected happened. Lora Lee and Tom offered to send me not only a PDF of their then unpublished cookbook titled Laurina’s Kitchen, but also a copy of the script for Chickadee – a decision that ultimately inspired me to pen the testimonial below about my belief in the project.
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Michael Polsinelli
The Auto Archangel

So what if the proprietor of Michael’s Automotive sports neither the halo and wings of the archangel to whom nuns taught me to pray as a child nor the flamboyant spirit of the Michael portrayed by John Travolta (“He’s an angel, not a saint”) in the 1996 fantasy film by Nora Ephron!
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Rev. James Vaughan

I’d watched from a corner of the ceiling as my parish priest, the Rev. James Vaughan, placed the form I recognized as a miniature of the Blessed Mother beside a larger form I recognized as my own body — or an emaciated version of it.
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Rev. William Tracy

In the early days, Father Tracy was timid about discussing the journey that led him to establish Associação Comunidade Vida Nova (New Life Community) in Curitiba, Brazil. Rev. William Tracy in 1990.That changed when the now 87-year-old padre realized that he could not expect people in his hometown to care about his foreign mission unless he came clean about the reasons he decided to make it his life’s work.
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Rich Gorman
O! What a Knight!

“Rich is a great communicator and a faithful member and usher at St Mary’s Church in Ballston Spa, NY. We all appreciate his humor and his manner to speak concisely and accurately,” added Mr. Phillips, a K of C member since 1973.
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Stephen Toussaint
Lessons from a beloved educator
on the 3-Fs: Faith, Family & Fraternity

Ancient wisdom assures that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. But who knew that same teacher would reappear decades later when the student was ready for advanced enlightenment? Such a blessing was bestowed upon me shortly after my 40th high school reunion when I was reunited with my Hippie-era English teacher: Stephen R. Toussaint.
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The Golubs: Always first in line to help

I was certainly impressed that Mrs. Golub had taken the time to drop a line via US Mail directing me to contact a senior manager to get the ball rolling in stores that fell within the boundaries of the new periodical’s readership area. But what impressed me even more was that she had done so with a joyful spirit by adding a welcome ray of FUN-shine at the end. In my mind, her cheerful vote of confidence said: “I believe the literary seeds you are planting are worth watering; I’m eager to help them grow.”
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Thanks for the memories, David Hyde Pierce...and Aunt Mary

Then came the sea of faces I encountered en route to the pavilion where David Hyde Pierce was to interact with reporters. Not the sea of faces of those who were briskly striding or effortlessly pushing strollers or pulling little red wagons in which youngsters were seated, but the sea of faces immortalizing those not present because Alzheimer’s had robbed them – or was in the process of robbing them — of their lives.
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The Lyalls
Beacons of HOPE for families of missing persons across USA

Having interviewed the Lyalls several times since their youngest child, Suzanne, vanished without a trace in 1998, I knew Mary had lost the Rock of Gilbralter soul mate who had been the wind beneath her wings for more than 50 years.
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The softer side of Andy Rooney

Then it happened. I summoned the courage to pick up the phone very early one morning, praying I’d get an answering machine at CBS. To my great amazement, the voice on the other end sounded familiar because it belonged to none other than Andy Rooney.
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Thomas Pray, DDS
How an upscale upstate dentist grew a
Green Thumb & a humanitarian heart

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Vincent Monticciolo, Dentistry from the Heart annually helps ease the suffering of tens of thousands across the nation. Inspired to join the cause after meeting its founder in Chicago, Pray was for the second time in as many years preparing to offer an entire day of free basic oral health care services.
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To be perfectly FRANK

Frank Hauprich, a master of the English language who also holds a degree in Religious Education from the College of St. Rose in Albany, subsequently helped to lay the editorial foundation for Saratoga Living when he gave generously of his time and treasure by assisting with the editing of the then young magazine’s pages.

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Wendy Hobday Haugh

Wendy Hobday Haugh had breezed into my life just a few years earlier and made a favorable impression as one of the first — and finest — freelance writers to approach me with story ideas for Saratoga Living in the days when I was the magazine’s Editor & Publisher.